2020 Elections to the Executive Committee


NOMINATIONS to serve on the SCELT Executive Committee ARE OPEN! Read the EC job descriptions.  DEADLINE: 30 November 2019

Elections to the Executive Committee (EC) of the Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers are held every 3 years.

The EC consists of 5 members, one of whom is chosen by the others to be Chair. The responsibilities of the every-day running of the Chamber are divided among the members of the EC based on their strengths and weaknesses, and mutual agreement.

EC job descriptions are not set forth in detail in our constitution. However, after 6 years, these are most of the tasks that need to be covered and we have attempted to divide them up reasonably and logically so that each role is feasible to be managed by a SCELT member who is a full-time teacher. Candidates can run for their preferred position.

Positions on the EC are unpaid and strictly volunteer. The official Articles of the Chamber can be found here (in Slovak) for SCELT members.

Nominations are for EC candidates for the 2020-2023 term are open to all SCELT members until 30 November 2019. All candidates need to provide the following information, sent to scet.ska@gmail.com:

  1. SCELT member since what year
  2. Current teaching/job position
  3. Background/Bio
  4. Previous experience in SCELT or any other volunteer organisation
  5. Why you’re a part of the Chamber
  6. What you’d like to see for the Chamber
  7. The EC position your interested in
  8. A profile picture to share with members

Voting will take place the last week of January 2020. Members will be notified how and when to vote. Those not able to attend the General Meeting will be able to vote online.

The new EC will be come into effect 1 February 2020.