A Christmas TeaChamber


Bez názvuMulled wine, coffee, tea and honey cakes, anyone? You are invited to a Christmas get-together being organised by a bunch of (slightly crazy, but enthusiastic) English teachers.

The newly formed Slovak Chamber of English Teachers invites all English teachers who are interested in being a part of the Chamber to join us for some of the joys of the season: a glass of mulled wine, good company among colleagues and friends, and interesting discussion on the following:

  • the SCET logo (what represents us as English teachers? what do we WANT to represent us?)
  • SCET’s vision, goals, plans, events and activities (what do we see the Chamber doing? there’s something here on the blog already but we need to define it more)
  • the next ELTForum teacher development conference in June 2013.
If you are interested in attending or helping to organise a Christmas TeaChamber outside of Bratislava – somewhere in your region – send an sms to Klaudia Bednarova at 0917 596 154 and she’ll call you back to discuss how to make that happen.