A Shift is Coming! – An ELT Report From Slovakia

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Vladka is the Chamber’s regional representative in Kosice. She’s also an associate with the International Teacher Development Institute for which she regularly blogs. This is from her most recent post for iTDI. The topic? English teaching in Slovakia. We agree with Vladka – it’s a good time to be an English teacher in Slovakia.

“I am lucky and grateful to live in this time of change for Slovakia. No, no big revolutions, and no big strikes, but rather a slow but mindful awakening. I can see now how some teachers are beginning to reach out to each other and experience the power of collaboration. They meet and gather not to complain but more importantly to share and support each other and believe me, it is a huge shift in our country.”

Read the rest of what Vladka wrote here.

Vladka’s been teaching for over 7 years both in the vladkaUK and Slovakia. Her expertise (and heart) is in the realm of  ‘Surpraise’ – an idea that combines surprise and praise and is built upon the principles of gratitude and abundance.  She’s got her own blog and has a workshop at Macmillan’s ELT Ideas conference next month in Presov.