Presenting the Plenaries – Part Three


We’re grateful to have Prof Gabi Lojova, a member of our advisory board, with us in June! Gabi will be sharing about learners and how they learn languages.

Presenting the Plenaries – Part Two


We’re excited to have a new face and voice share with us this year: Maggie Kubanyiova, a graduate of UKF Nitra, has ‘made good’ as an ELT professional not only here, but in the UK … Read More

Presenting the Plenaries – Part One


The Chamber is pleased as punch, proud as a peacock and tickled pink to invite you to hear a living legend and brilliant linguist: David Crystal!

6 Myths about Accents


Excellent reminders of truths we often forget about accents and language learning…

Notes from a Young Teacher

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by Lenka Birova Survived Block A [ed. note: 1st quarter]. Important findings: Kids/teens are nowhere near as rude, stupid, or shallow as it may seem from media or “public discussions” of well-meaning elderly ladies from … Read More