Candidates for the Executive Committee 2020


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The following members of the Chamber (listed alphabetically) have been nominated to stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers for 2020-2023:

Klaudia Bednárová (founding member, since 2013)klau_21

Current teaching/job position: principal of The Bridge English Language Centre

Background/Bio: Klaudia graduated from the Faculty of Education, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Department of English Language and Literature – Education. In 2009 she founded a private language school the Bridge – English Language Centre. She is one of the founding members of the Slovak Chamber of English teachers and the Slovak Association of Language Schools. She was chairwoman of the latter from 2011 to 2016.

Klaudia is passionate about teacher training, she established and runs projects such as and the Bridge re-boot camp for teachers. Her passion and professional interest is in effective learning strategies, which she understands as a broad and complex topic. Klaudia believes that there is no ultimately correct answer, but it is eclectic and holistic approach that can help us to be more effective teachers and learners.

Previous experience

  • Greenpeace: volunteer
  • Greenpeace: volunteer coordinator (paid job)
  • Greenpeace: education and volunteer campaigner for CEE (paid job)
  • ELTforum: coordinator of the project since 2010 (volunteer)
  • Slovak Association of language schools: 7 years chair (volunteer)
  • Slovak Chamber of English teachers: 2013: founding member and active volunteer 2012-2014

Why you’re a part of the Chamber: The reason for investing my energy and time to establishing SCELT was my belief in importance of a professional association of teachers as such. I believe we need it to provide us – English teachers with professional support and guidance, to be our professional voice.

What you’d like to see for the Chamber: I’d like to see the Chamber for the active organization providing us with professional support, guidance. I want it to be a heard voice of our profession. I’d like to work more on active involvement of pre-service and in-service teachers in terms of continual development, professional skill sharing and cooperation on the regional level. I’ve got more than 5 years of experience of building up networks in CEE region and more than 20 years’ experience in teaching, which I will utilize for the benefit of SCELT.

Nominee for: Chair


Hana Bolchová (member since 2019)IMG-0549

Position/Employment/Institution: Teacher of lower secondary (English and Music) / Základná škola Milana Hodžu, Bratislava

Background: I studied teaching English and Music at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. I have always wanted to become a singer, an actress, or a teacher. My dream came true. As a teacher I can be all in one. The opportunities to share all of the above with young learners, lower and upper secondary, up to adults, have brought great experience into my work and life. I believe that time spent on exploring the language is worth it. At my work I am a master of improvisation. I love creating songs and chants, writing poems and short pieces of literature with my pupils. I have a heart for volunteering in English summer camps for teenagers where my organisational skills are of great contribution. I am good at giving presentations and I believe that the Chamber can benefit from my skills.

What I’d like to see for the Chamber: My vision for the Chamber is to continue creating a community of teachers willing to support each other, to motivate teachers to become a part of this community and give them an opportunity to step up, be creative and share. I would love to arrange various types of events to keep teachers on the track.

Nominee for: whatever is needed


Ilona Šostroneková (member since 2013)profilepict

Current teaching/job position: volunteer teacher for lower-primary home-schooled children in Liptovsky Mikulas, and online freelance teacher/tutor

Ilona graduated from the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno in 2001. When then taught English at primary school in Brno, Czech Republic, and at the Defence Language Institute (under the Ministry of Defence) in Brno, Vyskov, and Prague, where she was also headteacher and STANAG 6001 English course examiner of military personnel. In 2009, she moved to Slovakia and continued as a freelance English language teacher, working with an online language school as a tutor and a teacher trainer.

Previous experience:

  • Membership Secretary since joining SCELT in 2015
  • Member of conference organising committee 2015 to 2019
  • Organised, hosted, and taught several regional workshops
  • Represented SCELT at sister conferences in Poland, Slovenia, Czechia, Hungary, and the UK.
  • Maternity center in Trencin and LM (volunteer)

Why you’re part of the Chamber: After having moved to Slovakia, I wanted to continue working as a teacher of English, and when I learned about SKA – Slovenska komora anglictinarov – I felt that the Chamber was able to offer me a certain kind of a shelter, opening new horizons for me in my own personal development, and be an institution thanks to which I would be able to meet ELT experts, other teachers and teacher trainers, make new contacts and get the opportunity to cooperate closer with other colleagues and learn from them. In return, I wanted to help the Chamber keep going, and hoped in my own contribution either as a help when volunteering at its events as well as becoming an active member and co-organize regional events where ELT experts, teachers, leaders, teacher trainers could meet and share ideas and support one another. That is the main aim of the Chamber as I feel it. In addition, however, at the top valuable benefits  has been the opportunity to make new friends, and the joy when we happen to meet again, and I feel I do now have many ELT friends around Slovakia, which I am grateful for.

What I would like to see for the Chamber: an institution as a networking platform for its members to continuously grow, cooperate with each other, and as schools. It is the way to support one other and move forward together. The Chamber offers opportunities for the ELT professionals to meet and share. By learning about, attending and organizing events not only at the international level, but regionally as well, we all can reach the same goal. The Chamber serves the purpose of being an open gate for its members to attend diverse ELT events as well as progress themselves by delivering workshops, talks, or seminars to other colleagues, both at home and abroad.

Nominee for: Deputy Chair


Marta Šuriková (member since 2019)

Position/Employment/Institution: Current Owner/Number Cruncher at Eloqua, s.r.o., Trenčín

Background: I graduated with a degree in management and economy studies in Zlín and have worked since in various positions in finance and accounting. I have an extensive background in NGO work with 15 years of experience as a core member in a local community centre. I have had a chance to work on local and international projects both as an back office support and as a member of more hands-on staff. I have been involved in a language school since 2015 as an owner, an admin support and an accountant. I am a conscientious team member and enjoy things running as smoothly as possible.

What I’d like to see for the Chamber: I’d like to see the back-office processes in the Chamber being as painless as possible so the team can focus on the core mission: to run an organization providing networking and development opportunities.

Nominee for: Treasurer

Peter Šurik (member since 2016)

Position/Employment/Institution: Teacher/Teacher trainer at Eloqua, s.r.o., Trenčín

Background: I have been teaching Business and Legal English, ESP and exam preparation since 2008 with background in interpreting and translation from UMB. Apart from running a small language school since 2014, I have been involved in a local NGO for over 15 years managing and participating in volunteer projects both in Slovakia and abroad. I don’t excel at networking, but I make it up by being fairly organised and decisive. I enjoy most aspects of teaching and I am particularly interested in how technology is going to change how we learn.

Why I’m a part of the Chamber: Teaching at a private school may be a solitary experience. I’ve benefited greatly from being able to network with people who have similar experience and problems. Having the opportunity to grow and contribute to the growth of others is changing both the profession and the perception of it. I enjoy being part of that change.

What I’d like to see for the Chamber: I’d like the Chamber to continue providing opportunities in networking and further development while growing its members’ base, and, eventually, become an integral part of English teaching profession in Slovakia.

Nominee for: Membership Secretary


Natalia Zaleska (member since 2019)

Position/Employment/Institution: Teacher (Business and Legal English)/Translator at Eloqua, s.r.o., Trenčín

Background: I studied law at Law Faculty at Trnavska univerzita v Trnave, after which I worked as a junior lawyer in the law office in Trencin for 7 years. While practicing law I started to teach business English. I have been teaching for more than 2 years while translating legal texts, mainly contracts, for almost 8 years. I specialize in Legal English. In general, my background is in law. I am able to deal with all the paperwork connected to legal issues. Dealing with legal issues also includes responsibility and capability of meeting deadlines. I also love working with social media. I am an admin and assistant of 2 social media accounts already. When speaking about organizing conference, I am basically able to do everything what is needed without any excuses.

Why I’m a part of the Chamber: Making new contacts, gaining new information, learning something useful applicable to my students or to myself, improving myself, sharing teaching experience with others, exchange opinions within the community

What I’d like to see for the Chamber: The Chamber should be a place, where you can find support for your ideas, help if you need, share teaching experience, deepen your knowledge, etc. To improve the quality of English teachers, create living community willing to participate and help each other.

Nominee for: Secretary and Correspondence Director (including social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram)