Conference Echoes: What others are saying

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by Lyn Steyne

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the conference and in that time participants and speakers alike have posted pictures, blog posts and even their presentations. Here are the ones we know about:

kenKen Wilson’s sessions: you may or may not have been able to take notes, but you can still get his slides:

  1. go to Ken’s blog
  2. scroll down to find the box on the right called ‘Free Downloads’
  3. scroll down in the box and open ‘Talk powerpoints’. The slides are at the bottom.

If you attended Lýdia Machová’s talk on practical tips to improve one’s English and would like a complete list of the resources she mentioned (plus additional ones), she’s posted it on her webpage.

Thomas Strasser has made his presentation from his workshop available: “The use of new learning technologies in the EFL classroom – digital hype or serious change of paradigm?

Nina Hanakova (otherwise known as simply ‘Nina EnglishBrno’) was one of those proactive speakers. Knowing that the organizers couldn’t manage livestreaming or even recording all the sessions, she brought her own cameraman and did it herself. Here’s here talk on ‘How to motivate adult ESL learners’.


Nina also took pictures.

pennyThe official album is posted on the Slovak Association of Language Schools’ FB page.

Unofficial photos taken by Martina Bednarikova can be found on the FB page: Day 1 and Day 2.

This wonderful shot below of plenaries Ken Wilson and Chuck Sandy with their Danubian pirates t-shirts (“We only steal the best ingredients from around the world.”) was captured by Ondrej Koscik of Jazykové centrum CĎV UK.

ken and chuck pirates


If case you missed it, here’s Karin Týlešová post on how the conference has influenced her decision to become an English teacher.

Lenka Kroupová, a presenter this year, wrote about ‘THE Question‘ that all teachers are asked, her response and how that relates to 2013.

Michaela Rehušová (Freedu) has written up several blog posts (in Slovak) on the conference. She shares what she learned in each workshop and talk she attended. She also took pictures.

And, hot off the press, our own Tia Novakova has just published her reflections on this year’s conference on her blog.

We’ll link to anything else that echoes back to us…watch this post!

audience 3audience 1  audience 2


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