Lockdown Learning ELT
with Mark Andrews

“The global pandemic has forced us all to behave differently as teachers in ways which have challenged us more than at any time since after 1989 when I was part of a team in Czechoslovakia in 1991 that introduced Gail Ellis and Barbara Sinclair’s book “Learning to Learn English”.
Students have experienced learning in very different ways during the lockdown and there is a great opportunity now to engage them in a discussion about how to learn English in a way which involves them being more conscious of how they learn best and what content might be appropriate for learning the grammar, skills and vocabulary they need to make them more effective learners.
What ways might there be of involving our learners in co-constructing learning experiences now where they take more responsibility and more for their learning? What is the role for locally tailored materials in this and how much can students contribute to the process of deciding what gets worked on and how in the classroom. This will be the focus of this webinar. How do we teach our students how to learn English in these changed circumstances and by drawing on their experiences of the last seven months?

Mark Andrews has been working in Eastern and Central Europe for over 30 years as a teacher trainer in ELT. He worked for the British Council as an ELT consultant for 12 years in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary and co-ordinated the IATEFL-Hungary Culture and Literature Special Interest Group for 5 years. He is co-author of the coursebook ‘Zoom In”. He works every summer on courses in Devon, Slovakia and Serbia which several Slovak teachers have attended over the years. He has also done two tours in Slovakia with SOL and SCELT.


Oct 24 2020


17:00 - 18:00

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