Murder, she wrote

A detective story is one whose plot hinges on a crime that the characters investigate and attempt to solve. The investigator, suspects, crime, antagonists, and setting can create an unforgettable environment and experience for even the most stubborn students that never want to participate in anything. What kids want to know even more than who committed the crime is why they committed it. Especially when the crime involves a well-known background and setting, maybe even the school they visit every day? Mystery challenges students to analyze, organize facts, cooperate, verify the information, and this draws them deep into the task. Different digital platforms have enabled us to create these stories more effectively and more thought-provoking than ever before. Cross-curricular activities engage students and remind them that the language itself is not the goal of their studies but a medium how to reach and gain knowledge applicable in everyday life. Allow me to guide you step by step on how to create a lesson that will captivate your children and allow them to experience the good old squirming and curiosity that they might miss in these pandemic times.

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Natalie Lackovič is a biology and English teacher at a bilingual grammar school. Born in Australia, she lives now in Slovakia where she mostly teaches English language & literature, biology in English and prepares future science teachers at university. Her goal is to make usually unpopular subjects enjoyable, especially those extremely important for us and future  generations, either via community work or workshops for teens and fellow teachers.



Mar 24 2022


18:00 - 19:00

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