Reading is Broken, So Let’s Fix it

Students tell us they don’t like reading and that it is boring, and it is easy to see why. For too long, there has been an over-emphasis on coursebook-driven language teaching and constant testing. So we have to move away from these traditional and unhelpful practices, to make a crucial transition from ‘reading for school’ to ‘reading for life’. Reading at school and at home also needs to include easy reading for pleasure (with little or no testing), and with books which learners choose for themselves. Only then does learner motivation and confidence return, with dramatic, proven results in language acquisition and reading fluency. This session demonstrates that extensive reading (as opposed to intensive reading) is the only answer, providing a crucial missing element in all ELT syllabus designs. The session includes many ways to engage students with graded readers with ideas and activities for practicing all four language skills, in order to balance and consolidate ongoing work from coursebooks.


Trainer: Andy Cowle

Starting out as a graduate of German and English Linguistics and an English language teacher, Andy has been in ELT publishing and training for 30 years, working in over 40 countries. Passionate about creative ELT materials and motivating teaching professionals, Andy is known for enthusiastic and practical talks, encouraging teachers to try new ideas, and connecting language learning with the real world. Andy grew up near Liverpool, England, and now lives in Glasgow with his family, dog and guitar. He loves travel, film and playing music.



Oct 31 2020


17:00 - 18:00

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