…from the heart of Europe.

SCELTConference, Conference Echoes

by Evka Lange

It is a great honour for me to be the member of SKA. It has changed my life a lot since I’ve became part of this (still quite unknown) group in Slovakia. I am a passionate teacher and I have been studying without any gap year for 25 years. I´m always looking for the ways how to get better, improve my teaching skills and be the best teacher for my students.

This year I got the opportunity to be the official representative of SKA at the 11th international conference in Prague. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to have my workshop there and represent SKA in the Czech Republic.DSC_0018_1

I have a great family which is with me in all my crazy ideas and plans, so we went there with my husband and two kids.

The topic of the conference was Ideas from the heart of Europe, and it was held on the 9th – 10th September in Prague. The programme of the conference was really rich, and it covered nearly all the actual areas of English language teaching. The opening ceremony took place at Charles’ University in Prague what gave the conference a great grave beginning. Šárka Dohnalová had a really hard and responsible work to start this great event. But she involved all the audience in her plenary, and we were suddenly dancing and moving and dealing with serious topic through other – friendlier way.DSC_0016_2

The chosen workshops were really catching, and it was difficult to decide which one to go for. I tried to attend as many workshops as I could. I met really great people there, the same crazy about teaching than me. I liked that we were there from all the Europe and we felt the same passionate and happy to be there and share our experience with each other.

The organization of the whole conference was really good and there is no doubt that Libuše Kohutova and her team are doing great work for English language teachers in the Czech Republic. I am not going to write here about hospitability of the Czech and the beautiful evening programme they prepared for us as it is something what just belongs to this friendly and open nation. You just feel like at home whenever and wherever are you with them…

My workshop was aimed at teaching students with learning disabilities. I enjoyed my workshop a lot as it was my first workshop abroad. I felt really nervous before it and I felt a big responsibility to do it the best I can. I was happy to share my ideas and experience with the teachers who are dealing with the same problems as I do. The audience was great, and they helped me to enjoy this workshop and make it an unforgettable moment for me.

Although that I got lost in Prague every time I walked from the hotel to the place of the venues and back…My family found me and also, I had a time to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful city.

I want to say big THANK YOU to SKA and the Czech association (as well as to my family) that I could be there this year and learn that teaching is something you should feel FROM YOUR HEART. Only then it has a meaning 🙂