Recap of Interesting Resources and Blog Posts – May 2015

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Compiled by Marja Juhola.

Yet another month has gone by and it is time for our round-up of all things ELT.

Professional Development Events

  • Eltforum is coming up next weekend. If you haven’t registered yet, you’d better get a move on as the registration ends today!
  • The Call for Speakers for our own very conference is on! The deadline for proposals is 15 June 2015 so you still got a bit of time to get yours in. 11205143_1625249801052643_1672374314206441420_nParticipant registration is also now open – Early Bird until 5 July!
  • The Teachers of English in Austria are planning their next conference – ELT Frameworks in Graz, Austria in April 2016. Get your speaker proposal in! FB event page and more info here.
  • Announcing the Call for Papers for the fourth edition of The Image Conference!
    This time in Munich on 5th December – who’s going?

Ideas for the Classroom

  • A great idea for a classroom or even a school corridor! How would our students complete the sentence ‘I wish I had the courage to…’ We’re sure we’d learn a lot.
  • Teaching idioms? This is great!
  • Do you always start you class in the same way? Time for a change? See here for 12 ideas.
  • Some more warm-up ideas here.
  • If you’ve ever had to teach a lesson about clothing, Naoko Araki Amano has some brilliant ideas for getting students engaged, and talking and writing!


End-of-Year Stuff

Interesting Reading/Watching/Listening

  • What do they say about hindsight? If you could write a letter to your younger teacher self, what would you tell yourself? What would you have wanted to know?  Joanna Malefaki got just that idea and she and some other colleagues from around the world have written that letter.
  • The latest issue of a FREE journal (pdf download): the Malaysian Journal of ELT Research. Table of contents: pg 9 (published by Malaysian English Language Teachers’ Association).bad-grade
  • In case you missed this week’s Am TESOL Free Friday Webinar- 15+ Digital Writing Tools & Resources Download the pdf and access the bookmarks!  and find all 200+ video recordings here. And if you want to find out about many of the excellent FREE ELT webinars that are available out there, join Webinars for English Teachers.
  • If you have dyslexic students, you may find this webinar recording interesting: Judit Kormos and Joanna Nijakowska: Successful inclusion for dyslexic students in the English language classroom. If you have dyslexic adult students, Jenny Harris’ blog post has some good ideas and links to more info.
  • Our sister organization in Austria, TEA, has just posted the spring issue of their magazine, ELT News. It’s chock full of excellent and practical articles. Check it out?before
  • According to the Global Language Monitor, as of January 1, 2014, there were 1,025,109.8 words in the English language. That was 17 months ago. There are more now and here they are!
  • Erasers? Good or bad? Read this and see what cognitive scientist Guy Claxton thinks.
  • Our sister association in Serbia has its newsletter out.
  • Doug Lemov believes great teachers are made, not born, and his ideas are transforming education. Listen to what he has to say.