Recap of Resources and Interesting Blog Posts – 5 February 2013

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For those of you not on Facebook, we’ve decided to share a weekly recap of resources and blog posts that we’ve found interesting and think you might find interesting too.

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops

elt ideas macmillan
  • For those of you in the Prešov area, Macmillan is holding its annual ‘ELT ideas’ conference Monday, March 18th. For more info, click the picture above.

Where: SOŠ podnikania, Masarykova 24, Prešov
Cost: FREE (not incl. travel, food, accommodations, etc)
• Steve Taylore-Knowles
• Teresa Doguelli
• Nina Lauder
• Nick Goode
• Paul McCullough
• Seán Darmody
• Ondřej Matuška,
• Vladimíra Chalyová
• Martin Jelínek
• Slávka Polončáková

  • 8th International House Bratislava Conference for English IH ConferenceTeachers…click the poster for more details and registration.

When?        23 February 2013 (9:00 – 17:00)
Where?       Nedbalova 4, Bratislava (ZŠ Sv.Uršule)

  • For those of you in and around Bratislava, there’s a Pearson workshop on Thursday, March 21st. Click the picture to the right for more info.choices

What: ‘Choices’ (coursebook for teenagers) with author Anna Sikorzyńska

Where: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Hodžovo námestie 2, Bratislava

Cost: FREE


  • Pearson has a few Valentine’s Day exercises up for free.
  • Do you look for reading texts online? If you do, we bet you use Google. Did you know there’s a way to search for texts by reading level. This explains how.
  • Adam Simpson has a great idea for a creative writing class here.
  • Ozge Karaolglu has posted a bunch of links dealing with acquiring vocabulary: here and here. Ozge has a great blog and regularly posts about resources that we and our students can really use.
  • The British Council is offering Academic Writing: Process and Product (1988) for download free of charge. It includes the 17 papers presented at the 1985 conference on the same subject. It’s a classic. Get it here.
  • The Guardian newspaper has posted an interactive 306 degree picture of London from the top of the tallest building in Europs, the Shard. You can zoom in and down and hear the traffic and all the sounds of the City. The only thing that’s missing is the smell. Click the pic to go straight there!

360 london