Become a SCELT rep!

Working together with colleagues who are also friends is what being part of an association of teachers – or any team – is about. Together, that is the perfect combination to do great things! The same is true of our sister associations around Central Europe. These people aren’t only coworkers, they’re great friends who make SKA better and for whom we are deeply grateful. And as sister and partner associations, we share our events with each other, hosting each other throughout the year at each others’ conferences. These associate representatives share the lives of their associations with us at our annual conference, just as our SKA reps share SCELT at theirs. And that rep could be YOU!
If you’re interested, let us know!


So how do you go about becoming a SCELT representative for a sister association’s conference? First, you have to be a SCELT member and have your workshop proposal accepted by the partner association’s conference vetting committee. Once we are notified which proposals of our members have been accepted, the Executive Committee looks at other criteria including these:

  • active involvement in SCELT events and/or projects
  • hosting or holding workshops on SCELT’s behalf for other teachers in the city or region
  • helping out with SCELT events and/or administration
  • getting good feedback on workshops done for teachers

The person chosen to be the rep out of all the accepted proposals is notified by the EC who also notifies the partner association.


It’s a position that isn’t taken lightly. It’s not just doing a workshop. It’s BEING SCELT to all the associations represented there at that conference. Being the rep means representing the rest of us at that conference and being involved in the reps meeting there with other reps from other associations and discussing things on behalf of the rest of us. Whoever is sent as the rep has to know about SCELT from the inside: what we’re doing, the projects we’re involved in, the plans we have, where we’re at and where we’re going.Within 4 weeks of returning, the rep writes a report in English about the conference (plenaries, workshops, special excursions for reps, etc.) for the SCELT blog.

Benefits and expenses

Each partner contract is slightly different, but almost all partner associations cover the conference fee, two nights of  accommodations, and meals at the conference. Check with the EC for details.The rep pays their own travel expenses there and back, plus any meals not covered in the accommodation or by the conference (note: no meals are covered by ELTA Serbia).If you’re interested, let us know! And good luck!